This was probably the first song we started to write for the album, and the last we recorded. We took a very simple demo to France which we quickly expanded and fleshed it out structurally. We took this back home, and whilst staying at Kerry’s parents place we wrote the lyrics. To get us in the lyric writing mood, we ad-libbed a song about Kerry’s perplexed cat, Toulouse. These words mainly consisted of lines such as “fluffy, fluffy, fluffy little tail and twitchy, twitchy, twitchy little eyes.” Without really having a singular set subject for the song (instead there were about five), we still had fun writing it, as can be seen with this demo lyric: “MTV and ABC, CBS and ITV. You’ll go far, kid, I’ll make you a star, kid, just stick with me”. Luckily, we saw sense and re-wrote the lyrics. 

We’ve attached an audio clip of us writing the song in France, and there is also a photo of the river where we sat to write. The other photos were taken in and around La Trimouille.