Kerry initially wrote the basis of this song’s chords when moving out of her old flat, the day after we had booked our flights to France. We picked up where we had left off the night we got into our cottage in France, after a rather eventful day of travelling: we had flown into Limoges, and had got the train to a town called Montmorillon. From there onwards, we had no way of travelling the extra 20 miles or so to Thollet, near La Trimouille. Despite this, we decided to do a weeks worth of food shopping with all our luggage, which, naturally, consisted mainly of alcohol. Whilst Kerry was browsing the wine section of Carrefour, Peter stood carefree and oblivious to Kerry’s struggle with the French food labels. Eventually, and rather randomly, a bemused elderly French man spotted Peter looking at a map of Thollet. And even more randomly, this elderly French man spotted his friend Jean-Paul with his daughter Camille, who just happened to live down the round from Thollet. So, after a great deal of map-pointing and hand gesturing we found ourselves, our guitar, our luggage and weeks worth of shopping packed into the back of Jean-Paul’s surprisingly small 4x4. We got to the cottage, opened a bottle of wine and immediately started to write the rest of this song.  

Attached is a recording from Peter’s phone and some photos of us demoing the song by the river in La Trimouille.