The two of us used to be in our label mates band, Dogtanion, and last summer we were rehearsing for a gig of his. It came to lunchtime, so naturally Kerry got on the drums and Peter picked up bandmate Josie’s Roland SH-101 synthesiser. We had just fallen in love with our other label mates, the Laurel Collective, and decided to try and cover a song of theirs. Being both easily distracted, our attention got swiftly diverted to appropriating this cover for a song of our own, and the chords to Cirque gradually unravelled. We both recorded a very simple MIDI demo and Kerry wrote and recorded the lyrics and sent them to Peter, which he loved.

We both had the same vision for the song after we’d heard an African percussion group in Finsbury Park at end of last Summer. We must have fully realised this when we recorded it, as it ended up having about twenty drum tracks, and another twenty tracks of percussion and scrap metal which we found next door to Andy Ramsay’s Press Play Studios. You can hear these isolated on the attached audio clip. The photos are of Kerry recording a vibraphone track for the chorus of this song, and of us getting quite creative with one of the many percussion parts we recorded.